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One of the best diver watches from Seiko: Seiko orange monster

Seiko has made watches from more than 100 years now. It is generally compared with the top class Swiss watch makers. The Seiko orange monster is another product of Seiko Company. It is a high quality and stylish watch which can compete with any watch in the world. This product has many sharp looks and features inside it. It has an exclusive orange face and the number inside are painted with black. It also has a hash mark which has a special property of shining in the dark.

It has many sub models but its basic features are:seiko orange

  1. Extraordinary analog display
  2. Resistant from scratches due to its hard stainless steel case
  3. Water resistance to 660 feet
  4. Calendar in the dial
  5. Good window material that resists scratches in the dial.
  6. Magnificent steel belt

The most amazing thing about this watch is this that it is engineered in such a way that it will not need a change in battery in its lifetime. It is powered by the auto movement of the arms in the watch. The bezel which is one way rotating will always ensure the precise time under any condition. It is a completely well-designed watch for diving in style and elegance.

This watch is constructed with high quality material to provide durability, reliability and style. It is perfect for any kind of lifestyle and is able to compliment any man.

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